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The people of Christ Church have accepted as part of their mission:

  • to live each day in service to family, friends, and neighbours, and 

  • to feed and nurture the community in body and spirit

In that vein, we are committed to serving our community and the world through:

Community Gathering Place - CURRENTLY ON HIATUS Ashton United Church offers a community gathering place for people to enjoy coffee, tea, and fellowship Tuesdays from 8:00 am to noon. Members of Christ Church are dedicated to supporting this ministry of hospitality and communion in the Village. A free will donation is welcome to help offset cost of supplies. Funds raised through the Gathering Place have supported the building of a new shed and purchase of a new sound system at Christ Church, as well as allowed donations to be made to local charities. 

Lankark County Food Bank - We support the Lanark Food Bank.  Please make your directed donation by cheque or e-transfer to

Interval House - "Do not be afraid" is referenced in the Bible 365 times. We are proud to support this safe place of refuge for women & children who are victims of abuse or violence. Items for sale at the God's Got You Covered Nearly New Shoppe that do not sell within a month are donated to Interval House.

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